Another view of reincarnation

The story this tweet points to may seem convincing that the belief in reincarnation is real or at, least, something worthy of serious study. I agree that it’s an idea worth looking at. But I question how people interpret stories like these.

Reincarnation Parade in Hannover 19 August 200...
Reincarnation Parade in Hannover 19 August 2006. Infront of Hannover RatHaus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Human beings are interpreting animals. Something comes to us, either from inside or outside, and our minds interpret what it means. I stress the word interpret because it seems many lay and scientific people, alike, tend to overlook this obvious point.

Okay, so we interpret reality. Fine. But how might that apply to the belief in reincarnation?

I’ve written about this over the years at and in several places. So I’ll try to boil it down here.

Basically, we have no idea if the alleged memories, even if factually correct, are coming from a child’s past life. There are other possible explanations. Here are some, off the top of my head:

  • a dark or evil spirit who never was human knows about this data and implants it in a child’s head
  • a departed spirit our soul who actually lived a human life implants the data in the child’s head – but that spirit our soul differs from the child’s spirit or soul

These other explanations might sound far-fetched to some. But isn’t the idea of reincarnation just as far out?

I think so. — MC


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