Religion and pornography

I remember a few years ago a rather embarrassing fact about the Vatican was revealed. But I guess there are no adolescents in the Vatican. Just grown men.



  1. Huh that’s interesting…
    I would want to know how many they surveyed and of what religious views those adolescence were part of. They also have to take into consideration how many of those adolescence were putting false answers on their surveys. Children from a religious background may answer the survey in a more bias sense as in, they know pornography is ‘wrong’ because they were told it was wrong so they put the answer as they don’t partakes … which in fact they do. Fear of punishment may push for them to put the answer that their religious group would approve of… but that’s just my opinion I could be totally wrong here…

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  2. Interesting. I forgot about that kind of bias. There is a term for it. Responder bias? Expectation bias? I took psych back in the 80s so I hope readers can forgive my fuzziness! 🙂


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