Thanks for the Follows

Hanging out on the second floor balcony of Yonge/Eglinton Centre, Toronto – Two Jehova’s Witnesses doing their thing – Image via Tumblr (click for fullsize… next time I’ll get my finger out of the way!)

I’m taking a bit of a vacation from my usual blogging. Yesterday I moved the lawn, talked to my neighbors, played some electric guitar, started a new midi composition, and generally did a few things that can get overlooked when I’m at the height of my research and writing. One of those things that can get overlooked is checking my followers, and returning the favor.

This morning I went back several years in my followers list and found some bloggers who, for whatever reasons, I hadn’t followed back. Sometimes it seems that I do follow back but it doesn’t register at WordPress. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or due to some other human or tech reason. Anyhow, I just followed those forgotten followers at

Another point. I know that I can take a while to get back to your site if you have liked or commented at mine. The reason I do this is because, well, I am a busy guy. But more essentially, I like to really focus in on a person when I visit their blog. I’m not the type who can just casually visit hundreds of bloggers, hardly read their stuff, and click the “like” button. So… I know who you are. If you have recently liked or commented on my stuff, I do plan to get back to see what you’ve been up to.

That’s all for now. Back to my “vacation.” Today I think I’ll attend a midday Mass and then do a little housecleaning! Not most people’s idea of a holiday. But believe it or not, I can have fun even doing that. It’s all in where you’re at.


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