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Hey Hillary: From Us ‘Deplorables’


I live in Canada and watch the US electoral hype with a sense of bemusement. Sometimes it seems that the endless commentary at CNN is mostly about media personalities jockeying to advance their careers and, of course, more advertising revenues for CNN. But I also know it’s not quite that simple. The guy who does that amazing podcast at Spotify about the Romans likens the USA to the Roman Empire. In some ways I agree with him. Both fun to study. —MC

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2 thoughts on “Hey Hillary: From Us ‘Deplorables’

  1. Reagan has nothing to do with it.

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  2. Well, you might be too young to remember but back in the 80s he was demonized by the left for wanting things like the so-called “Star Wars” defense initiative. People said he was paranoid and bellicose, ignoring the needs of hungry Americans, and so on. As a former Republican, I thought it was an entirely appropriate image. One of those slight delay, split second recognition/connections that are so essential to humor. 🙂


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