Trump/Clinton vs. Gore/Bush – One standard for men and women and another for men and men?

Trump has been described as bullying, intimidating, misogynist and threatening for standing behind Hillary Clinton during the last debate. But when Al Gore stood much closer to G. W. Bush in a similar debate, he wasn’t branded as some kind of power-hungry psycho.

So what’s going on here? Do women get special treatment, even when there’s obviously no real physical threat present? Is this the kind of gender “equality” we really want? Men are demonized for doing things that in other contexts may be somewhat off, but certainly not pathological?

Seems like a bit of a double standard to me.

I thought Trump just wanted more camera time. Right or wrong, that was my honest interpretation of his behavior.


  1. To the contrary, Gore’s behavior in that 2000 debate with Bush was immediately pounced on by most of the media and to this day is recalled as one of those seminal debate moments that cause – or at least lead to – an election loss. Don’t take my word for it… Google it. Kind regards, Jack

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    • I did Google it before posting those videos and the language didn’t seem as inflammatory as some of the commentary I heard on CNN about Trump/Clinton. I also lived through the era as an adult, and don’t remember it being treated the same way.

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