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‘Reverse’ Sexism Is A Thing – Just Like Hypocrisy

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Twitter and Zemanta are momentarily down where I am. So instead of fretting away about not being able to post the link through Twitter or get new images, I thought I’d just post the link and an old image here. Not quite as pretty but the same info.

I have to admit that I have seen all kinds of sexism. Men dissing women, women dissing women, men dissing men, and yes, women dissing men.

When I began my PhD there was a woman faculty member who was in a position to significantly help or hinder my success in obtaining the degree (not a few candidates “wash out”). There I was, fresh in a new town, a bit nervous, especially since I had completed my M.A. in the organic splendor and chaos of India. Coming back to Canada and the cold, sterile city of Ottawa was not easy.

So what’s the first thing this person said when she met me?

“Oh… a MAN…” in a derogatory tone.

Gee, that really made me feel confident that we’d have a constructive academic relationship.

I didn’t say anything, of course. Because grad studies is all about power. And she had considerable power over me.

At least two other women were present when this comment was made. And nobody, including myself filed a complaint.

I felt it was better to suck it up and get the PhD rather than risk sticking my neck out at such an early stage of the game.

Turns out this woman did fight pretty hard for me when other political complications arose several years later. There was another person who was so difficult and uneducated that even the aforementioned woman had to take my side. I guess, also, that over the five year period she’d gotten to know me a bit better and realized I was an exceptional student and that I try to be fair with everyone I meet.

So playing the game worked to a degree. But for the record, I did absorb some pretty severe reverse sexism at the outset.

Likewise, on the Canadian TV news I’ve heard women anchors joke about ‘hunks’ and make other really sexist comments about men. But this never flares up. It’s okay for women to objectify men. It’s all just in fun… right?

Perhaps some women and men feel it’s okay for women to broadcast sexual innuendos in the media because women have been oppressed for so long. I understand that argument. Sort of like a pendulum swinging back to the other extreme. But really, isn’t it time things leveled out in a more mature manner?


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5 thoughts on “‘Reverse’ Sexism Is A Thing – Just Like Hypocrisy

  1. Yes of course its only human nature. You really think its just one sided.

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  2. The point I’m trying to make is that it is not one-sided.


  3. I really appreciate your tone in this discussion. It seems you made a strong effort to be fair. I think I would challenge a few points though. My understanding of the academic use of the terms sexism and racism have to do with a systemic problem in which one group has actual power over another. So some of your examples wouldn’t apply. Your experience does, but it sounds more like one individual’s prejudice rather than an institution wide discrimination toward men. I would say, having gotten a Doctorate myself, that Grad school is abusive and I’m so sorry you went through what you did. I know my own experience was very unfair and painful.


    • Yeah it was more of an observation than a systematic study. But at the same time, I believe there are many different kinds of (often subtle) discrimination and abuse within and beyond academia. The obvious ones that can be quantified or confirmed (like jobs, salaries, certain words spoken, certain body parts looked at or inappropriately touched) hit the news. Others continue to slip by unnoticed.

      Everything is heightened in academia because it’s supposed to be this ideal place for unbiased learning. But I’d say it never has been and probably never will be.

      Not that we shouldn’t try to make things better.

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂


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