Today’s Top Tweet – TED allegedly bans Rupert Sheldrake’s critique of science

I haven’t checked to see if this claim is actually true. But my impression of TED is that it’s for people who think they’re bright when, really, they’re just very average. So I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true.

US Army via Flickr
US Army via Flickr

Just after graduating I wrote a snailmail note to Dr. Sheldrake about Indian dogs who hung out near my student digs, probably because we fed them scraps. These dogs seemed to be able to sense rival dogs a long time before they actually came into our visual field—like, at least 10 minutes before.

Maybe it was just super-fantastic hearing or sense of smell, I don’t know. But I and another guy considered the possibility that our friendly dogs were picking up the rival dogs via heightened intuition.

I mentioned this to Dr. Sheldrake because he’d just published a book called Dog’s That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home. Dr. Sheldrake’s reply was cordial and respectful, which was a very nice change after dealing with “professor night.”


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