Today’s Top Tweet – Undoing that silly stereotype about Western “materialism”

Almost an Angel
Almost an Angel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s top tweet relates to the silly and insulting idea that the West is a spiritual desert while Eastern or Middle Eastern countries are an oasis of spirituality.

I heard this propaganda a lot in India during the mid-to-late 1980s. Hopefully the Indian people have changed for the better since then. Last time I was there it was the early 1990s, so I can’t be sure. But my guess is that India, with its tech explosion, is also undergoing a self-reflective renaissance. Not just navel gazing and playing “guru of the world” but rather, a real, honest hard look at itself.

I have no idea about Middle Eastern countries. I have never had much interest in them. Even as a kid, I remember skipping over the news about the Middle East. To me, it mostly seemed dark and depressing.

As for spirituality in the West, all I have to do is walk about 10 minutes to my nearest Catholic parish and I am filled with the Holy Spirit and the heavenly joy of the Eucharist. For those unable to appreciate that, the Mass might just seem like so much sitting and standing. But for me and literally billions of others around the world – to include Western countries – it’s so much more.

So I do take objection to this man’s claim that the West is a spiritual desert. To draw an analogy, a fish underwater cannot see nor appreciate birds in flight.


What are you thinking?

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