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What Are Visitations and What Do They Mean?


Image credit: Ernest James

Dream State by Ernest James via Flickr

By Keith Ward

When someone loses a loved one, especially one that is very close, they may be so distraught that they cannot accept this death. The need to keep a connection to the person whom they have lost is so strong, they may experience visitations. Many times these people will wake in the middle of the night to see their loved one in the room with them. There are even reports of talking to the departed one.

Is it a Dream or is it Real?

Although many believe that the visitation during a dream is nothing more than the need to see the person again so badly that the mind manufactures the visit, there are some visitations that are not so easily explained. Visitations have been reported when the person was not sleeping. They may sense a presence around them and turn around to see their son, daughter or husband who has recently passed.

Visitations are not always seeing the individual. Some are feelings or a smell such as the scent of the perfume worn by the deceased. Others are arrangements of objects that were important to the person who has passed. There have been instances of collections that belonged to the deceased being re-arranged even though no one was near them.

What this means can be interpreted in many ways. The most popular belief is the person wants to let their loved ones know there is life after death. In addition, they may want to assure them that they are okay where they are now. Often people will make a sort of pact. They will promise each other whichever one passes first will use a certain sign to let the other one know they are still around. This visitation reassures the remaining person that they will not just cease to exist when they die.

Near-Death Visitations

Many times when someone is near death, they may see a loved one who has passed before them. Relatives have reported the ill person saying the name of a mother or husband who has been dead many years. They also have noted that the person will look happy and seem to see them in the room. Is this a figment of our imagination or does the person actually see their deceased relative? If you believe in an afterlife, you will most likely believe they have actually seen their relative.

Many movies have focused on this and some have been based on true-life happenings. The spirit of a deceased person trying to communicate with the living is one of the great mysteries that we want to understand. So why does the visitation happen? Many believe that the person who died may have left unfinished business. They may feel the need to visit their loved ones and reassure them that they are fine. There are also theories that the person never really leaves and their presence is felt constantly in the home in which they lived.

Consciousness of the Living World

This brings up the subject of knowing what is going on after you die. Does the person who is no longer of the physical world know what is happening here anyway? The soul is the core of this discussion. Since many believe in the existence of the soul apart from the physical body, the conclusion is that there must be knowledge of what is still happening on Earth. It cannot be impossible for them to know that their loved one miss them and are grieving. In some instances, this will be a reason for a visitation.

In other cases, when it comes to the visitation, it is most likely that the deceased wants to make contact with the living for a reason. It may be that the person left unfinished business. They may want to warn the person they left behind about something. If the deceased was the victim of a murder, they may want to let their loved ones know who was responsible.

Sometimes visitations are made in times of stress. This may mean that the departed person knows the person is going through life-altering transitions and wants to let them know they are not alone. The connection between the two may have been so strong that when one was upset, the other was upset as well. Therefore, when they visit to let it be known that they are still with them this is a sign that you are not handling everything by yourself.

Have you ever heard an instrument play by itself or found the same objects day after day? This is also considered a visitation. The spirits are said to be able to manipulate electronics more easily. Often this would seem to be a way of allowing the living to know that the spirit of someone is still around even though we may not know whom. There are psychics who believe this is the way some spirits visit the world of the living.

Religion and Visitations

It cannot go without saying that if you believe in the existence of God and Jesus that you must believe in life after death. This is the basis of the teachings of the Bible and the way a person is supposed to live their life. The visitation of angels is another basis of the belief that there is something more than life as we know it now.

Whether or not you believe in visitations is a personal belief. Those who have experienced them believe and they believe they know why they received the visit. The world is full of mysteries that we will never understand. When it comes to the meaning of visitations, many are easier to understand than others are.

Keith Ward is the Founder and Director of the Circle of Professional Clairvoyants, which offers Psychic Readings with fully qualified Psychic Readers and Senior UK Clairvoyants.


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8 thoughts on “What Are Visitations and What Do They Mean?

  1. I am responding because of your reference to God, Jesus and the Bible. As a Christian I know that the Bible teaches that we are not to contact spirits, Angels are spirits so we are not to seek contact. There are two types of spirits according to the Bible, angels and fallen angels. To want contact and information is called divination, The Bible calls this rebellion and sin. 1 Samuel 15 : 23 says “for rebellion is like the sin of divination.” Why would the Bible warn us against this? Because we can be easily deceived by the fallen spirits. They masquerade as “angels of light” 2 Corinthians 11:14. Also in Luke 16:26 Jesus teaches in the story of Lazarus in heaven and the rich man in hell that, “a great chasm has been fixed, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us.”


    • Isn’t this article about dream visitations? To go to a medium and conjure up a spirit is a deliberate thing that should never be done, but to have a dream/visitation with your loved one is a completely natural miracle. A loved one sending us a message of love and comfort is a gift from God. My beloved son appeared to me in a dream looking healthy and happy and luminous, with a beautiful smile and he gave me the biggest hug. These reassurances are acknowledgements of our faith. Praise Our Lord Jesus Christ, through him all things are possible!


  2. If you read the Bible, you will see several instances that mediumship has been utilized. Jesus Christ being the greatest medium of all time. Just like Joseph who is so honored to slavery was called upon for dream interpretation. Jesus spoke on behalf of of God. That is called channeling. how would Jesus have known that a woman touched his clothing. Just like prophets like Zachariah, who prophesies about the coming of the Christ hundreds of years before it happened. Would you say he did the devils work? I am a born-again Christian but I was also born with the ability of second site. I am not an evil person. That’s like saying I’m evil because my eyes are green. I believe that all of us are granted with some kind of divine gift. It’s all how you use it. several times throughout the Old Testament you will see that Kings used people to tell of the future. Yes even mention of one king having a witch summoned. I could give you several examples. How did Christ know that his friend Lazarus was dead ? Did he not summon his spirit ? The Bible can be interpreted in many different ways. Just like the use of talking in tongue’s. You were channeling the Holy Ghost are you not? How can one say that speaking in tongues is holy, but divining is bad. When you pray you are using divination. You were calling upon Jesus or his father . How many times of people prayed for a sign? I have been struggling with this for almost my whole life. Because I had to suppress part of who I was. I can’t help that I was born this way. No more so than any other great prophet. If fortune-telling is so evil and I guess the foretelling of Jesus is coming is just all evil. And we being Christians know that is not true. I believe there are things that we still don’t understand in this world. Like why isn’t everyone born a prophet? Why can’t everyone speak in tongues? Jesus is the only man in history who is ever risen from the dead. The most paranormal event of our time. Just like the book of revelation. I wrote a term paper about this in my senior year of high school. The countdown started decades ago. Most normal 17-year-old kids would not know this. But yet somehow I knew. Everything that was foretold that was going to happen during the last days has already happened. Yes I will agree that there are charlatans out there. But I also believe that there are people just like in the days of Moses who are able to predict future events. Just like I get visits in my dreams from my grandparents all the time. I’ve been in that tunnel where I’ve seen the light. I’m terminally ill. I have felt my grandfather’s arms around me. And no one is going to convince me that it was just a dream. Or that it was something evil. I have been seeing several loved ones, and I believe that they are visiting me because they see what I’m going through. And it gives me peace. Unless you’ve been near death you have no idea what type of peace awaits you. It’s like being bathed in warm water. All of the negativity of living on the physical earth is gone. There is no more sorrow, what I live through being sick is no longer there. The last time I was told I had to come back. I woke up in tears. Because it was so beautiful where I was. But I just wanted to put this out there as food for thought. Because it something that deeply troubles me. That people would look upon me as being of the devil when that’s not true when I gave my heart to Jesus. I love God with all my heart. Why he chose me to have this gift, I’m not entirely sure. But there are things about the human brain that are yet to be discovered. The brain is the last front tier. And I have met other people who know things about me that they couldn’t possibly know. And I’ll leave you with this one last thing. I hadn’t had a visit from my grandmother in over a month, so I gently asked her to just give me a sign that she is still with me and I am not fighting my battles alone. That my loved ones are waiting. On Christmas Day, my mother-in-law handed me a bottle of perfume. I stopped dead in my tracks. I asked her where she got that. She said well someone had given it to me, and I don’t wear perfume and she told the lady I’m going to give it to my daughter-in-law. The perfume that I was given of all the thousands of perfumes that are out there in the world, this was the one perfume my grandmother wore her whole entire life. What I consider that an active evil absolutely not. I keep it by my bedside. Because it’s just a reminder of the woman that I loved and I still love and I cannot wait to see her again.


  3. Reblogged this on Miluramalho’s Blog and commented:
    Death is an uncomfortable subject. Many people prefer not to talk about it. But sooner or later, we must confront it. And the sting of death is sharp and painful.

    Nothing can fully prepare us for the loss of a parent, a spouse, or a child. A tragedy may strike unexpectedly or unfold relentlessly. Whatever the case, the pain of death cannot be eluded, and its finality can be devastating.


  4. Death is a fearsome enemy. We fight it with all our might. We may try to deny it when it strikes someone dear to us. Or, in the exuberance of youth, we may imagine that the enemy will never come to claim us—a delusion we cling to as long as we can.

    Few thought more about immortality than the ancient Pharaohs. They spent much of their own lives—as well as the lives of thousands of workers—in an attempt to conquer death. The pyramids they built testify to their quest—and to their failure.

    Chinese emperors followed a similar dream of immortality, albeit through a different route—that of the mythical elixir of life. Emperor Qin Shi Huang demanded that his alchemists find a magic potion that could keep death at bay. But many of their concoctions contained toxic mercury, and one of their mixtures likely killed him.

    In the 16th century C.E., the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León sailed the Caribbean reportedly in search of a fountain of youth. He discovered Florida, U.S.A., in the process but died a few years later after a skirmish with Native Americans. And no fountain of youth has ever been found.

    The Pharaohs, emperors, and explorers all sought to conquer death. And who of us would have belittled their goal, even if we disliked their methods? Deep down, practically all of us want to keep living.

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  5. Humanity is in contact with spirits everyday of their life – whether they are aware of it – or not.
    Whether they actively seek contact – or not.
    Whether they want to – or not.

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