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New Anti-Corruption Masters Degree in Vienna


When I saw this I wanted to add “that should be a laugh” to the tweet but there was no room for more characters.

However, I shouldn’t be too cynical. When I had just finished my PhD I found only one sociology reference book (by Blackwell, I think) that even listed the topic. It said that corruption was a relatively new topic for the social sciences due to the difficulties in studying it. So true.

At least this course is making a stab at it. Some discourse is always better than no discourse.


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2 thoughts on “New Anti-Corruption Masters Degree in Vienna

  1. Reblogged this on Miluramalho’s Blog and commented:
    The invisible crime “corruption”. Difficult to talk about because mostly important political people are deep involved in!

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  2. It seems that even the more innocent players at least have to know about and deal with it. Someday humanity will look back at this with the same shocked dismay that decent people feel for past injustices, abuses and atrocities.


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