Looking through a glass darkly – The paranormal, normal and bias

English: That's me.
(Photo: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I hesitate to talk about the paranormal. On the one hand, we have fanatics and hack investigators running after every Photoshopped image, blowing their alleged significance way out of proportion. On the other hand, we have diehard skeptics so regimented in their thinking that they tend to readily dismiss anything ‘paranormal.’

I think the best approach is to apply reason and experience to any kind of human belief—be it based on interior or exterior data. The following entry at earthpages.ca works toward that aim:

The Latin prefix para means beside or beyond. Like the word supernatural, paranormal refers to any phenomenon that eludes explanation through normal science or conventional wisdom.

Paranormal can be a misleading term because what is ‘normal’ is open to debate and subject to change… Read More

 Alice Cooper Releases New Song ‘Paranoiac Personality’ (wzlx.cbslocal.com)

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 A family in Scotland is offering £50,000 for a live-in nanny because their last 5 quit due to ‘ghosts’ (businessinsider.com)

 The Evil Within 2 brings back the horror on October 13 (windowscentral.com)

 Watch Adam Scott And Craig Robinson Take On The Paranormal In GHOSTED (birthmoviesdeath.com)

 Classified TR-3B Space Program Could Exist, Patents for Anti-Gravity Aircraft Spotted (techeblog.com)


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