Time to stop pretending that counselling is objective?

I’ve heard stories about misogynist counselors blaming the wife for a bad marriage because she looked the counselor straight in the eye. To this defensive creep, that indicated that the woman was “aggressive.”

Is it time to admit that counselling is a human enterprise unlike any other? The mask of objectivity and the associated “neutral” tones of the counselor cannot hide the fact that everyone is biased in some way.

Reputable counselors will concede this point and still try to help, acknowledging their limitations. But others, well, could we say “power trip”?



  1. My oldest uncle, Doug Brinley (Google him) has spent his lifetime as a marriage counselor, writing books and teaching at Brigham Young University, Weber State University, marriage conventions, and at Mormon events.
    He wasn’t too happy with me when I told him I was gay, even less thrilled when I told him my husband and I had created a common-law marriage, and then got domestic partnered (such an ugly term), and then got legally married. Here my husband and I are, 24 years later and still going strong.

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  2. Funny, just over New Years eve I was in a discussion about gay people. I guess the CNN coverage had something to do with it. I’ve been interested from a theoretical standpoint… Freud, Jung, Asian, Catholic and scientific views.

    I’m sure you know that that bastion of wisdom psychiatry (humor intended) deemed homosexuality a disorder for quite a while, and then suddenly changed its tune. Social-political pressure had a lot to do with it. Although psychiatrists would probably say their science is self-correcting.



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