The Religion of Science

It’s the holidays and I don’t have tons of time to expound on this tweet. But I will say that it reflects a theme I’ve been mentioning for several years at Earthpages.

I don’t believe we should abandon science. I get that freezing needle when I go to the dentist and have God and the scientific method to thank for its effectiveness. No, I’m not so extreme as to deny or ignore what the scientific method has achieved.

By the same token, I’m not so extreme to believe that science can solve all our problems or that it perfectly reflects our essentially mysterious world, universe and beyond.

Dave Bowman enters the portal to another world in 2001: A Space Odyssey – MGM – via

In a nutshell, scientists often make claims that reach way beyond the limits of their limited experiments. And many people parrot that ideological “fake news” as if it were the gospel truth.


What are you thinking?

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