Epiphany: Christmas Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

Rogue Millennials

So Christmas has come and gone, and as we approach New Year’s, we stuff away all the decorations and get rid of the tree, bidding Christmas farewell. It seems that the holidays have disappeared as quickly as they came, even though they seem to have started right after Halloween in Walmart.

So does this mean that Christmas is finally over? Liturgically speaking, no.

We’ve all heard that classic Christmas song The Twelve Days of Christmas, and roll our eyes a bit when it comes on because we know it’s going to last forever, but what are the 12 Days of Christmas anyway? Interestingly enough, Christmas has traditionally been a 12 Day celebration on the liturgical calendar. 

Advent, which we covered in an earlier post, observes the coming of the Savior and the anticipation for Christmas. Christmas Day, however, ushers us into the second part of the holidays. The liturgical Christmas…

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