On Wednesday Pope Francis spoke about the temptations encountered in the Christian life, encouraging faithful to not be discouraged by the struggle, but to be reassured and strengthened by the prayers of the Church.

Source: Pope Francis: the Christian life is a battle against evil

Comment – It seems I’m saying a lot of things that don’t really get noticed until some bigwig says more or less the same thing. First, it was about the fluidity of time. When I first talked about that, I got the impression that most people thought I was just off on some tangent. Recently, however, a whole bunch of stories were posted on the web about the “illusion” of time.

Second, I have talked about the reality of evil and how a lot of so-called “mental illness,” a term which frames the issue in a medical materialist framework, could perhaps be more fully explained (and remedied) by considering the presence of evil.

So today the Pope says basically the same thing, and it makes all the papers…

It’s not easy being slightly ahead of the crowd. But then again, I suppose I’d rather be slightly ahead than slightly behind. — MC