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A lot of us romanticize travel, and I was no exception. Four years ago, I quit my job, filled a small pack with all I needed, and set off…

Source: Geographical Attractors: How Personality and Place Affect Personal Flourishing

Comment – The Moody Blues once wrote a tune with lyrics “Thinking is the best way to travel…” I’m not sure if they meant thinking, meditation or contemplation.


I noticed that many “world travelers” in India would group together at local hotspots and reinforce their Western biases. I usually skirted them, staying at Indian style hotels, and getting to know Indian people instead of the drippy travelers.

There were exceptions, of course. Not all travelers carry their societal and psychological baggage with them in spades. The real travelers for me were those willing to let go of their past – at least for a while – and try to see from another perspective.

Some were unhappy and hated everything about the new place. They didn’t last long and usually took the first flight home. The above article looks at this and other issues around travel. A concept rarely deconstructed. Although it should be.