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Class, not willpower, predicts the ability to delay gratification and do well in school.

Source: Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog: Another classic psychology “result” bites the dust

Comment – Just follow thru the links to the main article here. Leiter Reports is what made my news feeds, so I thought I’d credit it for drawing attention to the story instead of bypassing to the source web site.

Sigh. The title of the above link says it all. How many of us have sat thru superficial social psychology courses and listened to clever but shallow professors reel off countless studies apparently important enough to justify their paycheck and countless research dollars?

Same thing if anyone has ever sat in a counseling session. Most psychiatrists cite incredibly facile studies that they feel strongly indicate causes behind certain behaviors. But what they usually do not appreciate is the spiritual dimension of mankind.

It’s time we called psychology and psychiatry on their bluff. Human beings are far too complex, bio, social and spiritual creatures to be reduced to simplified theories and fixes.