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The U.S. president says he was confused by comments, thought everyone was happy

Source: Trudeau’s pushback at G7 will cost Canadians ‘a lot of money’, Trump warns | Financial Post

Opinion – Let’s face it. Trudeau blew it. Not to say that he was technically wrong for being annoyed by Donald Trump. After all, Trudeau had delivered a breakfast speech at the G7 and Trump missed it. Trump arrived late for breakfast, entering the room just minutes after Trudeau had finished.


I would feel slighted for sure.

There are many different types of aggression and insults. And to think that Trudeau was the only aggressor or rude agent in this fiasco is facile.

Still, Trudeau should have known that Trump and his country are at least ten times more powerful than Canada in terms of military and economic power. If Trudeau had held up his diplomatic mask for just a little longer things might have gone much better for Canada and the rest of the G7.

But who knows. Trump is such a gamer that anything could have transpired.

I think this episode could make Trudeau a bit humbler. Even if he morally did nothing wrong, it was a diplomatic and probably a political blunder to talk tough while Trump was en route to Singapore.

His father, PET, sometimes came off looking bigger than his britches back in the day when he was PM. (How small Pierre suddenly looked when aside the US president back then).

Son had better learn from papa’s mistakes before his princely arrogance flushes Canada down the drain.