Update – July 18 2018 – We’re taking the plunge. Earthpages.ca is merging with Earthpages.org. Check details here.

For the past few weeks I’ve been wondering if Earthpages.org and Earthpages.ca should merge. Since the latest template update the two sides of Earthpages have not only been looking more similar. The content is also becoming increasingly similar.

I like having a distinctive Canadian DOT.CA for the site, having been born and bred in Canada. But truth be told, this half of Earthpages only gets about 10% of the traffic that DOT.ORG gets. So I’m thinking about the future.

My vision of Earthpages has always been that it will someday surpass the “personal blog” status and become a significant force on the web. But that means honesty and change. I have to accept what hasn’t worked and focus on what is working.

Your ideas, comments, suggestions would be appreciated. Private comments can be made here.