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Source: Pocket: Shields up! How spaceships can save themselves without science fiction

Comment – I didn’t reference the original story because it seemed to automatically redirect to some ad. Hopefully, the direct link to Pocket works without having to sign up for Pocket. If not, Pocket is worth signing into. It’s become invaluable for organizing stories for Earthpages.

But I didn’t want to comment primary on web stuff. Instead, just wanted to mention that I am a big fan of the ISS and its live cams.

These brave people are taking incredible risks, as outlined in the above link. When I watch sometimes I feel it’s similar to watching those very first deep-sea explorers who plummeted to the depths in early bathyspheres.

You can check out the ISS here (HD) and here (SD). On the SD channel, you can chat with fellow viewers as you watch. Here’s my favorite Android app for ISS.  And for star geeks like me, here’s a cool android app for keeping track of artificial and natural night sky events.

Image – Pinterest