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Source: Religion does not determine your morality | National Post

Opinion – This links to a pretty mediocre article from a university in the same town as my alma mater (Ottawa, Canada).

To just take one point for discussion. The author says:

Atheists don’t score differently than religious people when given moral dilemmas. Clearly, we all have morality.

Whether you’re religious or not, morality comes from the same place.

Now, it’s not so much with the first line that I take exception. But the last line is a gross simplification. Catholics, for instance, make a clear distinction between:

  • Personal beliefs about right and wrong
  • Trying to discern and cooperate with God’s will about right and wrong


Bottom line? For those who might not have attended university, please don’t feel those who have – or who teach there – are necessarily any smarter or better informed than you. Today, we can all go to Wikipedia and other good sites, self-educate, and think for ourselves.

It’s a wonderful thing!