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The vast divide between science and philosophy is limiting the potential to answer the Big Questions

Source: The gulf between giants: philosophy and science | Varsity

Comment – I would add theology and as many other relevant disciplines as one can think of.

Most modern societies are fragmented and specialized. But not all voices have an equal say. As most sociologists will tell you, power plays a significant role in which “discourses” are deemed acceptable and which are not.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.

If we gave equal legitimacy to every quack and charlatan who came our way, we would probably be in a lot of trouble, fast. The downside of discourse inequity is that certain ideas and practices can become almost “religious” in their public approval. That is, they are blindly accepted by many who for whatever reasons, just do not think out of the box.


I’m not sure. Human beings seem to be impressionable creatures, for the most part wanting to fit in with the crowd. Real change, however, usually comes from those who can raise their sights a little higher than most.