When people reject facts, what do they really believe?

Source: Flat Earthers: Belief, Skepticism, and Denialism | Psychology Today

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Opinion – I’m not a flat-Earther but whenever I see the word “fact” a red flag comes up.


Well, if we deconstruct our sensory perception of the Earth, it’s actually not even “physical” as we commonly assume. It’s probably more like webs of energy.¹ That web we call Earth isn’t even perfectly round. And it doesn’t have a definite boundary.

So before we get too high and mighty about our preferred paradigm, we’d do well to remember that we’re literally not standing on solid ground. We only perceive it as such. At least, this is what some philosophers say. Others say that perception and/or interpreted meaning is key and we should just take things as they seem… because as limited human beings, we can never escape bias.

Our current view of the world is informed by our overall paradigm of how things are. And this will probably change in the future, as we evolve and can handle a more comprehensive perspective.

Point is… don’t accept the “facts” as fact too readily. I would expect that from a mainstream mag like Psychology Today, but not from intelligent, thinking persons.

One theory I remember from college is that apparent matter is really just standing waves of energy. See The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav and this.