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Through blood test, lumbar puncture, and brain scan, the well-meaning world of mental health researchers has failed to document this so-called chemical imbalance of depression.

There is, however, an emerging theory of depression called the cytokine or inflammatory model of depression

This could be the root cause of your depression.

Source: What Causes Depression? You Might Be Surprised By The Answer – mindbodygreen

Comment – Seems like one hokey biological theory being replaced by another. Since I became an adult I began to see unpleasant moods as partially influenced by transpersonal elements. Certain people still give me headaches today—literally.

If I keep a respectful distance from them, then the symptoms decline. Problems do arise, of course, when the obtuse among us just don’t get the obvious cues that we don’t want to associate with them.

So it’s really their problem. Lonely, socially awkward people who try to suck your energy dry. Keep away from them if you can. Chances are, your supposed “chemical” disorder will miraculously get a lot better.

It’s all about establishing manageable boundaries.