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We all have instinctive feelings regarding everything that occurs in our day and that we cross paths with. Sometimes we have to focus deeper in order to find them and sometimes they’re too strong to ignore, however, they are there all the time. These feelings are labeled as ‘intuition’ or in simpler terms ‘gut feeling’. […]

Source: The extent to which intuition is helpful – Daily Times

Comment – Basically, the author makes a distinction between genuine intuition vs. impressions colored by neuroses, psychological injury or trauma. Carl Jung talked about this some years ago in his discussion of the personal and the collective unconscious.

Unfortunately, some conspiracy theorists, so-called visionaries and other self-proclaimed prophets fail to distinguish between correct and distorted impressions. Slightly misguided is one thing. But if we lack humility and a rational, scientific attitude, mistaken beliefs can grow like weeds into all-out psychosis or sociopathy where someone harbors a secret agenda while appearing “normal” on the outside.

Normal until the cracks begin to show, that is…