No more guessing and groping in the dark – Google Translate now at Earthpages

Image va Tumblr |

Technology can be a pain in the neck when it comes to pollution, job loss and social alienation but it’s also a wonderful thing with so much potential.

It just depends on what level you approach it, I guess.

This morning I came across a delightful blog called Book Worms which, initially, I thought was in Russian or something similar. I was dismayed because pictorially it looked fascinating but I couldn’t understand a single word.

Then I noticed the Google Translate widget built into the sidebar. It works really well. Google says its online translation is better than ever thanks to new algorithms and user input.

A quick search and I realized the feature is built into No copying and pasting special code required.

So we now have translation capacity for a variety of languages at Earthpages!

God was a bit nasty in that Tower of Babel story. Perhaps this is his/her way of admitting it. We can’t always understand each other directly but with technology and translation software, it’s getting better all the time…

What are you thinking?

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