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Jeffrey Mishlove (1946-) is a leading figure in what might be called the ‘underground’ parapsychology movement. He is also the first American to receive a doctorate in parapsychology.

Mishlove has authored several books on intuition, mysticism and spirituality. He hosted the video series “Thinking Allowed” which featured leading, diverse figures like Michael Talbot, Russell Targ, Kenneth Ring and Jean Millay.

Transcripts for much of “Thinking Allowed” are online at

Mishlove currently is the director of the Intuition Network and sits on the advisory board of The Rhine, named after the pioneering J. B. Rhine whom Carl Jung and other trailblazers repeatedly refer to.

Although Mishlove isn’t exactly a household name, I highlight him here at Earthpages because after graduating, myself, with a Ph.D. in parapsychology I found Mishlove’s VHS interviews¹ a welcome relief after all the perplexing, almost ‘cloak and dagger’ politics of studying religion in graduate studies.

Example of a subject in a Ganzfeld experiment.
Example of a subject in a Ganzfeld experiment via Wikipedia

It was refreshing to find someone willing to talk about parapsychology. I recall one professor in particular who would rather hide out in the mailroom instead of openly share ideas at colloquia—which I never, not once, saw that prof attend.

If a professor of religion is psychologically together and has nothing to hide, you would think that talking about intuition, mysticism and parapsychology, in general, would be a duty and a pleasure.

But sometimes we have to go elsewhere from where we would otherwise expect to find learned, informed and constructive dialog.

Life is complicated. And it seems the world of parapsychology can be just as ethically ambiguous as any other world.

¹ Big shoutout to the excellent staff at the Ottawa Public Library, circa 1997-99!

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