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How the GREEKS forecast modern technology trends: AI, killer androids and driverless cars were all predicted in ancient myths

Source: AI, androids, driverless cars and genetic engineering were all predicted in ancient Greek myths | Daily Mail Online

Comment – If mythology really does tap into something beyond our normal understanding of time, it’s not surprising that events from distant times and places would be present in mythic tales. Mind you, any insights and gifted perceptions probably went through cultural filters, which is why we need updated forms today like sci-fi and fantasy entertainment.¹

This is not a radical or new idea. Modern scholars of myth have said much the same thing. Interested readers are advised to check out Mircea EliadeKároly KerényiJoseph Campbell and Carl Jung All of these thinkers say pop culture has virtually taken over the social and spiritual role once fulfilled by the old mythmakers.

¹ Last night I watched the classic Star Trek episode with Joan Collins called City on the Edge of Forever. It introduces all sorts of cool ideas now pretty common in sci-fi. Alternate timelines, temporal paradoxes, the chicken or the egg problem, and perhaps most important, sacrifices made for a greater good.

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