New research supports the existence of empaths, finding that between 1 to 2 percent of the population report experiencing this condition.

Source: Super-Empaths Are Real, Says Science – VICE

Comment – Over the years I’ve come to believe that the soul can perceive things beyond the range of the normal senses. There is written support for this idea within both Hindu and Christian spirituality.¹

Different gurus, teachers, and saints claim they pick up the “sin” or “karma” (depending on the religious framework) of those around them—even of those at a distance.

In fact, the whole belief in Christian intercession and the Mystical Body of Christ is based on spiritual connections.

What I find interesting is how our science-obsessed society overlooks spirituality and tries to explain empathy neurologically. Yes, there probably are brain changes with empathy. But that would be correlational, like all of science. Scientific correlation may be weak or strong, but it remains as correlation, not causality. Despite what some people may believe, science is about correlation.

Quite possibly spiritual influences represent a more fundamental source affecting one’s thoughts, perceptions, and feelings. And these influences could be mirrored in one’s neurology.

When trying to suggest this idea to others I have variously met ridicule, condescension, smirks, blank stares, dismissive comments, and hostility.

As the old new wave song goes, they blinded them with science.

¹ Some folks may wish to look the other way but these links suggest something more is happening: