The 9 oldest images of Mary (and my Scrooge side that usually goes away as we approach the day)

Roma, Museo civilt romana – Adorazione dei Magi – sec III dC – Foto Giovanni

Source: The 9 oldest images of Mary

Comment – This 3rd-century image I’ve highlighted is so cool I think I’ll use it as a Christmas card. Oh yeah, I don’t do Christmas cards anymore. Oh well, I’ll use it on my blog.

Speaking of Christmas, I noticed all the Xmas paraphernalia is on display outside the local supermarket. $40-$60 wreaths for your front door, and all sorts of other silver, red and green trinkets. All very nice and festive, but I thought it ironic how so many people think Christmas is about racing around, fighting traffic and buying stuff. The day it’s over they forget.

Who is Christ anyway? A nice guy? A madman? A myth?

I’ve heard it all.

My observations came after spending some contemplative time at a night Mass at St. Michael’s Cathedral in downtown Toronto. For me, Christmas is every day. And the festivities, although nice, point to the superficiality of some revelers. Also the hypocrisy of those not-so-secret Christian haters who nonetheless jump up and down during the Christmas season.

If I had it my way believers would simply give their loved ones a candle that they felt suited them. I haven’t converted anyone yet to my way of seeing. So pretty soon it’s time to race around, beat the traffic, and get caught up in the Christmas hype…

Sigh. The love and hate of it all!

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