‘Tis The Season To Think About Others

Well, it finally hit me. And I’m glad it did. Instead of playing Scrooge I got off my butt and strung up the outdoor Christmas lights. I never do it unless the spirit moves me. Christmas lights aren’t about flaunting wealth or keeping up with the Jones.’ No, they’re about the birth of Jesus Christ.

I don’t want to go into a sermon about Christ. And I realize many other holidays fall around this time of the year. So I’ll just mention a nice thing that happened while I was outside doing the lights.

A young man with wide, cheerful eyes said something while passing by and we began to talk. After a short while, I noticed his badge and asked who he was working for. He told me he was canvassing for Oxfam.

Memories flooded back. Oxfam was quite visible at Trent University where I did my undergraduate degree.

After explaining to him why I wasn’t prepared to donate today, I realized that I could help by mentioning Oxfam at Earthpages.

It is one of the better-rated charities, despite fairly recent events in Haiti.

It’s up to you to investigate and see if you feel the organization deserves its current rating—as it is with any charity, church or blogger asking for support.


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