Controversy still surrounds the death in Thailand of the monk who wrote the bestselling ‘The Seven Storey Mountain’

Source: Reconsidering Thomas Merton, who died 50 years ago today

Opinion: Recently while reading the Living With Christ booklet published in Canada, I came upon a reflection on Merton who was described as a “mystic” (December 2018, pp. 175-177).

Later I thought that if he really was a mystic he would have had no need to travel around the world and hobnob with other religious “leaders,” who IMO are mostly political smoothies and, in some instances, possibly kingpins for illegal operations.

The real mystic has no need for a jet plane. Like the ancient Chinese sage Lao Tzu, they can see the whole universe while sitting in their humble hut.

I like that image. I always have. Now that I’m a little older I see the truth and wisdom in it.