God Squad: What do we look like in heaven? | Newsday (with comment)

TheDigitalArtist • Pete Linforth • Birmingham/United Kingdom

After death it makes sense to me that our souls spend time reflecting on the quality of our decisions during our embodied lives.

Source: God Squad: What do we look like in heaven? | Newsday

Opinion: This is a good article but has a few issues and a point I would disagree with:

  • Hinduism does not universally agree that the soul loses identity by merging with God. Some schools believe that the soul maintains individuality. If interested see Sankara vs Ramanuja.
  • Christianity likewise has a pretty wide degree of variance with regard to the nature of heaven. Years ago I talked with a Pentecostal who believed he would have a house and a cat in heaven, just like on Earth. Others lean toward the idea that on Earth we only see through a glass darkly, and that the nature of heaven is too grand for us to imagine. Myself, I often use the analogy of an embryo being unable to imagine the complexity and scope of the world he or she is about to be born into.
  • There’s no mention of saints and their intercession, which for me is key to understanding the link yet differences between heaven and Earth.

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