Oxytocin enhances spirituality, new study says (with comment)

“Spirituality is complex and affected by many factors,” Van Cappellen said. “However, oxytocin does seem to affect how we perceive the world and what we believe.”

Source: Oxytocin enhances spirituality, new study says

Opinion: When I first saw this headline I thought, Oh God… another reductive piece from the science whiz kids. After all, spirituality involves trying to discern God’s will and dynamics like intercession, which IMO is so much more than just feeling great or superficially “connected” with others, like at a football game.

However, the above quotation appearing at the end of the piece saves the article. At least there is a hint of humility here.



  1. Oxytocin is also released when we achieve fulfillment after doing something.It has been proven that release of oxytocin by forming true social bonds in the modern age increases immunity as well.Simon Sinek has explained the necessity of oxytocin very beautifully in this youtube videos as well as book named “Leaders East Last”.It is a great book to read and get enlightened.

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