How Introverts Can Make It in an Extraverted World | Psychology Today (with comment)

Not all cultures believe that extraversion is the most highly valued personality trait of all. Indeed, being extraverted can get you in trouble if you’re traveling in a country or culture that regards such outwardly focused behavior as brash and impolite.

Source: How Introverts Can Make It in an Extraverted World | Psychology Today

Comment: To my way of thinking, there is a whole range of introverts and extraverts.

Within each psychological orientation, some people are obnoxious and manipulative while others are gracious and altruistic. Most of us fit somewhere along the spectrum. But this story makes the valid point that the social valuation of a psychological type is predominantly culture-bound.

I noticed this full-force when studying in India. Back then I was just beginning my inner journey and suddenly felt more at home than I had for some years. Returning to Canada was a challenge. They call it “reverse culture shock” and I had it in spades.

These days I’ve surmounted the East-West dichotomy through my Catholic faith, which provides new meaning in any circumstance—quiet or active.

Not to preach but I do think that some psychologists and psychiatrists are not fully appreciative of the transformative power of true spirituality.

Not all, but some.

What are you thinking?

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