As a black woman, choosing to avoid particular news stories or narratives doesn’t mean you don’t care, or have even become too desensitised to them. It just means that you know you’re unable to engage with it at that moment in time, and that’s OK.

Source: Being a black woman on the internet is hard – so it’s OK for us to disengage sometimes | The Independent

+ When I come across news releases and stories that are just too wrong – and usually too much of a turn-off – for me to quickly address, I usually bookmark them in Pocket, let them sit for a day or so, and then offer my critique.

As a “white” person I obviously can’t comment on being a “black” woman from direct personal experience.* But many of us suffer from some kind of discrimination, from something that hurts and needs healing.

One person feels “fat.” Another “ugly.” Another “stupid.” Another “poor.” And yet another “a bit off.” And those issues will probably never get better if left hidden away in a dark hole. It helps if we come out and speak. But as the above article suggests, it’s best to wait until the time is right.

* Quotes ”   ” here because I personally don’t like these artificially extreme and factually wrong categories of color.