Larry Hurtado Writes about the “Worship” of Jesus. But What Does that Mean? | Kermit Zarley | +

“. . . . In some sense, we may think Jesus was worshiped within the earliest years after his crucifixion, but the question is what sort of worship it is. It is questionable that Jesus was given the same degree of worship as God. Whatever title or characteristics were given to Jesus in Paul’s letters was to honor and praise him as the Son of God, not as the same as God.”

Source: Larry Hurtado Writes about the “Worship” of Jesus. But What Does that Mean? | Kermit Zarley

+ This article caught my eye because Larry Hurtado’s name and email address was on a xerox copy of an email discussion group that a professor handed out in a graduate studies seminar.

Later in my academic journey, this same professor did something far more damaging that negatively affects me to this very day.

So to get back to what it means to “worship” Jesus. For me, it’s not so much about the academic questions— for instance, the historicity of Jesus, to what the degree the Bible is a political tract, or how to wrap your head around the concept of the Trinity.

As I get older it’s more about how to put Christian teaching into practice, given our inescapably corrupt, flawed world.

Do we instantly forgive or do we wait until a transgressor takes responsibility for their actions? It’s easy to say we should instantly forgive. But actually doing so is another matter, especially when the transgressor continues unabated in their ungodly activities.


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