In many countries, men are worse off

Source: Men ‘are more discriminated against than women,’ new study claims

+ I usually take these kinds of studies with a grain of salt because

  • bias in research is almost impossible to avoid
  • errors due to bias often become compounded from a study’s conception to conclusion, usually ending up with something more like myth than what most see as science
  • countless potential variables – often ignored – may play into discrimination
  • individuals will always differ from group averages
  • specific, real-life situations will always differ from a controlled setting

However, from my own lived experience it seems in some instances discrimination against men gets a free pass when it shouldn’t. So I found this headline interesting.

Anyone interested in bias within the social sciences should check this out: And for science in general:

Of course, if you just want to mindlessly go along with the 21st century ‘church’ of science, don’t visit the above two links. Enjoy your bliss. Even if it is ignorant.