Some influencers have turned to ‘white-hat’ hackers to get their Instagram accounts returned to them.

Source: Instagram influencers are using hackers to get their accounts back – Business Insider

+ Once while talking with a teller about security issues at the bank I said, “I rarely do web banking because I imagine the ATM is more secure.”

He didn’t challenge or correct that assumption but replied, “If hackers are so damn smart, why don’t they get a real job?”

That comment stuck with me. It seems to sum up what I say in this post.

Hackers who linger in the shadows might have something lacking in their overall psychological makeup. The ones who give up their evil ways and turn to legitimate practice to me seem far more healthy. But it takes a certain strength, determination and grace to let go of sin and change for the better—especially when that sin is based on unresolved neuroses or borderline psychosis arising from deeply repressed trauma, childhood or otherwise.