And they are dull as dishwater. No other way to put it. I gave this show a chance but last night had to pause halfway for safety reasons. I was watching sitting up in bed and afraid I might fall over and hit my head on a nearby chair as this juvenile fare lulled me to sleep.

Just kidding but you get the point.

Original Klingon played by Canadian actor John Colicos

As mentioned earlier, the Klingons are just one part of an overall Trek experience in TOS. To make them a central theme in Discovery is tedious and flawed. Gosh, watching them is like listening to a crummy heavy metal band on a bad drug trip. I never actually did that but can imagine.

The Klingon sets are an uninspiring mishmash of Americano fantasy history, as are the costumes and the new Klingon prosthetics. The original Klingons didn’t need hours of prep to look menacing. And they were a lot more convincing. Even TNG Klingons are more plausible than this current lot.

Perhaps realizing their mistake in aping Game of Thrones’ use of subtitles, Discovery’s creators more or less ditched the text in favor of Klingon dialog in spoken English. But it’s far too late. The real blunder was making these half-baked Klingons so prominent in the first place.

Anson Mount as Pike – Getting better all the time

About the only positive things I can say at this point are:

  • Anson Mount seems to be settling into his role nicely… his Pike has a ring of Star Trek authenticity
  • Mary Wiseman plays a convincing eccentric coming into her own with Ensign Tilly
  • And yes, despite what I said about the re-imagined Klingons, Mary Chieffoโ€™s Lโ€™Rell shows some depth of emotion through those colored contacts
Sonequa Martin-Green

Meanwhile, the potential showstopper Sonequa Martin-Green (Michael Burnham) is being compromised by cheesy scripts.

Jeffrey Hunter as the original Pike. He didn’t last – nor live – long but has had a lasting impact

Being a diehard Trek fan I will probably suffer through the remaining half hour of this episode when bored of everything else. But Discovery has just become so goofy I’ll probably resent wasting my time.