Study Finds Link between Air Pollution and Adolescent Psychotic Experiences | Psychiatry | | + Opinion

A new study, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, provides a potential explanation for why growing up in urban settings is a risk factor for psychosis.

Source: Study Finds Link between Air Pollution and Adolescent Psychotic Experiences | Psychiatry |

Opinion: Material pollution no doubt could contribute to so-called psychosis but I believe there are other interelated factors which most psychiatrists routinely overlook.

The first is spiritual pollution¹. If you don’t know what I mean by that, don’t worry. You are probably too psychologically sturdy to be overtly affected by spiritual pollution. But if you are a sensitive, or a budding sensitive, I suggest reading up on the topic.

Another factor often overlooked by psychiatrists is social pollution. By that I mean the hypocrisies and corruption that most psychiatrists simply ignore in their childishly naive and unintegrated “assessments” of the overall human experience.

Again, sensitives – especially kids and adolescents – could consciously or subconsciously sense and react to hypocrisy and corruption by being thrust into some other kind of headspace that by virtue of its novelty could be frightening—hence an escalation and exacerbation of their experience.

Instead of addressing some of the root causes of psychological malaise, many psychiatrists squint through their sociologically, philosophically and spiritually bankrupt perspective as defined by the APA and expressed in that obviously political document, the DSM-5. And that, I believe, is part of the problem and certainly not a solution toward genuine, lasting mental and spiritual health.

¹ I am not talking about China’s perverse sociological take on the topic. For clarification, see my piece. “Pollution – Not always what you think.”


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