Code 8.7, a two-day conference, brought together computer science researchers and technologists with policy experts, law enforcement officials, activists and survivors involved in the fight against human trafficking

Source: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help in the Fight Against Human Trafficking : TECH & INNOVATION : Science Times

Opinion: It is a bit ironic that we will be using computers to fight human sinfulness. But there it is. Computers, of course, can be used in good or sinful ways.

Last night while ‘spring training’ walking with my headphones on I had a bit of an unconfirmed insight among all the traffic lights and construction.

My insight was that evil will always be with us. It always has been and the future will be no exception. People will use computing power to try to control and perhaps enslave.

My city is already getting more Big Brotherish. Not only do we have the possibility of individuals reading our emails, etc. who have no right to invade and violate our privacy. But we have traffic cams, people recording things without permission, hackers, and ‘legitimate’ authorities and companies abusing our data.

These are annoying but seem like relatively minor travesties compared to human trafficking. Human trafficking is taking young, vulnerable kids away from their families and basically selling them for slavery, sex or both.

Charming huh?

And guess who is behind it?

Many of those ‘honorable’ posers who put on a front of civility yet are fiendishly running international operations.

IMO, this is one of the biggest unreported stories of our time.