Back to the future, with “mid-century modern” churches | + Opinion

The mid-20th century was an era of optimism, and the far-out designs of 1950s and 1960s churches proves it

Source: Back to the future, with “mid-century modern” churches

Opinion: It’s funny because the parish at which I converted to Catholicism fits the bill for this article: Modern, woody ceiling, and simple.

But what’s even funnier is that 21st century Old Toronto is being demolished and rebuilt at breakneck speed, so my little parish is scheduled for demolition.

What will replace it?

Like my old high school, which was also demolished, the new church will be fitted within a condo.


Yesterday I gazed along midtown Yonge Street, which formerly oozed with brick-ish character, to see its older buildings either entirely trashed or those still standing dwarfed by cheesy, modern condo buildings.

Unlike the UK and other European places, Toronto has little appreciation for its heritage. Beautiful, atmospheric places are literally disappearing at an almost monthly pace.


Not sure.


I guess…




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