Socialism Is Bad for the Environment | National Review | + Opinion

And markets are much better.

socialist economies of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union were not just economic failures; they were also environmental catastrophes.

Source: Socialism Is Bad for the Environment | National Review

Opinion: This is something I think we all know subconsciously but refreshing to see explicitly stated and thus raised to full consciousness.

Over the years I had a few professors who somehow managed to escape their communist or communist-occupied countries.

Some were able to let go of their Stalinist chains, adapt to Western ways and become competent professors but others remained fixed in an authoritarian mindset even though they apparently fled from the motherland to escape that kind of tyranny. The ones who remained ideologically tied to their communist-influenced roots truly were the most awful professors I ever had.

So communism isn’t only about shoddy consumerism, shabby living conditions, and shiftless environmental policies. When it gets into the mind and soul of a person, it’s also about crummy education and warped pedagogical policies.


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