Reflections on Astrology – Leo the Lion

Amelia Earhart – Leo

When I started out with “Earthpages – Think Free” many years ago I had just been shafted by a dishonorable professor and was struggling to find a new identity and vocation that pays outside of academia.

Making the transition from scholarly to popular writing hasn’t been easy, especially since I am something of a contemplative and not the kind of guy who hangs out in clubs, restaurants and coffee houses.

More actively social people probably make better writers. They hear what’s happening now in the world and can instantly absorb all the latest tropes, buzzwords, and memes. But that’s not me. So popular writing has always been a labor of love.

Part of my trying to be relevant after getting the proverbial pink slip in academia was admittedly a bit of compromise. I sometimes aimed low and wrote about things I didn’t really believe in. Astrology is one of those. My rationale was that I could hook non-Christian readers by talking about the murky things they were interested in and slowly raise them up to a higher level of spirituality, which for me is Christianity.

These days I’m not so sure that’s the way to go. People are what and where they are for a reason. Maybe some can be introduced to a higher, clearer, heavenly light but only when they are ready and freely accept their new calling, initiated by God in the first place.

Mick Jagger – Leo

For a long time, I’ve felt that the Holy Spirit is incomparably superior to any natural or planetary forces that may exist so any kind of allegedly serious talk about how the planets influence our lives must be for the most part misguided or, more favorably, drastically incomplete.

Later, I softened a bit toward the idea of astrology. After all, if drinking coffee can spark up my system, there must be other forces less than the Holy Spirit which can still influence us.

Same thing with sunlight. I am not always happy on sunny days. Sunlight alone is not a guarantee of happiness. And I can be in naturally beautiful places and not enjoy myself. However, if the Holy Spirit is noticeably present, sunlight makes things even more beautiful.

In theological terms, natural beauty is secondary to spiritual beauty. We can be happy with spiritual beauty while lacking natural beauty but the inverse is not true. We cannot be truly happy with natural beauty in the absence of spiritual beauty. At least, I cannot.

So I return to astrology with all that personal history and theology behind me. I considered deleting my entries about astrology but decided to rewrite or at least recast them. Please take my astrology entries with a grain of salt. They are just amalgamations of various books and web pages I’ve looked at over the decades. There’s really very little original material. If I firmly believed astrology was important or, for that matter, reliable in its predictions, I would probably have more to add.

Jennifer Lawrence – Leo

Again, I don’t entirely discount the idea that planetary forces could have an influence on the psyche. However, I am skeptical about giving them too much importance and, moreover, the indisputable worldwide variability of astrological signs.

Concerning the worldwide variability, it is no secret that we have entirely different forms of astrology that say dissimilar things about the very same calendar days and months of the year.

A more reliable construct like “gravity” applies equally around the globe. Things fall down just the same regardless of where we are on the planet. But that isn’t the case with different forms of astrology. So to my mind, that makes astrology scientism but not science.

Here’s my old, slightly updated entry from the former – Think Free:

Leo (July 23-August 22) is the fifth and a summer sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the lion and associated with the planetary ruler of the sun. Its element is fire.

The lion is said to symbolize the positive child, creativity and determination, whereas the sun represents Apollonian logic, the will, ego consciousness and conscience.

Leos apparently possess innate decency. They are often respected for their natural dignity instead of material accumulation and worldly power, although they may, indeed, have both.

Some famous Leos are J. K. Rowling, Madonna , Jennifer Lawrence, Amelia Earhart, Mick Jagger, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Napoleon.

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