When I first learned the internet at the University of Ottawa computer room, I remember being baffled by the range of options. Back then it was Netscape and Pentium 4 processors. I learned pretty slow at first. But once I got certain things under my belt the learning curve got better—meaning, I stumble a lot when thrown into new tech things but once I get my bearings can actually come up with some pretty cool innovations.

Same thing with Earthpages. Just today I realized that I can do custom links from the main menu. Before, I was mostly linking to pages within this blog. There was one custom link but I just fluked on it and didn’t really consciously master how to implement a link to an internal page vs. a link to an external web address.

The menus all seemed pretty tricky and, as I say, I can be fast but in this instance I was slow!

Anyhow, I have just replaced all relevant off-site links with custom links instead of mediating pages here.

To see what I mean, just click on “My Blog,” “Think Free,”  or “News 24/7” in the above menu. Instead of taking you to a mediating page here, you will now be taken directly to the desired target.

A small thing. But speed is of the essence. So I thought I’d update.