We’re dropping Windows for Lubuntu!

Windows 7 users will know that the Microsoft crew sent out carefully orchestrated messages trying to make us feel unsafe and out of touch. Windows 7 is reaching the end, they said. Time to buy a new computer because your old one is no good anymore.

Total load of b.s.

Many newer computers factory loaded with Windows 10 are not as powerful or RAM-equipped as my laptop that shipped with Windows 7. But that didn’t stop MS from distributing an image of a clunky, antiquated looking laptop in one of their promos.

Make the potential buyer feel inferior—the oldest marketing trick in the book. Instead of bad breath, B.O. or yellow teeth, it’s now your computer.

Yes, it’s just an ad but I found it slightly authoritarian and certainly misleading.

Big Brother says… but Little Brother prefers to think for himself, thank you very much.

On all of my best computers, I have replaced Windows 7 with Lubuntu 19.04. Believe it or not, I still use Windows XP on some older machines because it’s a good fit with my printer and scanner.

Also, I am nostalgic and appreciate older computers, like some folks enjoy vintage wine, automobiles or furniture. Windows XP is a good, sensible operating system, released before Microsoft began playing cyber-God (an approach obviously backfiring with the rise of Chromebooks and Linux-based operating systems).

The change to Lubuntu feels great. The difference in speed is immediately obvious. And I like the fact that I do not have to buy new hardware, not to mention the price tag.

Free! 🙂

3 thoughts on “We’re dropping Windows for Lubuntu!

  1. Yes, I tried it with a 32-bit architecture PC some years ago. That machine wasn’t quite powerful enuf to pull it off. I should give it another try. I find that trying out different distros is almost addictive, it’s so much fun once you figure out how to get out of jam. (dban, etc.). 🙂


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