Writer Eve Peyser shares the unexpected identity crisis she underwent when she stopped drinking.

Source: When you’ve been drunk your whole life, who are you when you get sober? | CBC Radio


This headline spoke to me not because I drink or, for that matter, ever drank very often. I actually stopped drinking alcohol many years ago simply because the aftereffects were not worth it. Well, that and the fact that I found something better.

The Holy Spirit.

True, at the prompting of his mother Mary, Jesus in John 2:1-11 turns water into wine at the wedding ceremony in Cana. Assuming this is his first miracle and not just well-intentioned theological symbolism, that doesn’t mean all Christians should feel compelled to take the odd nip every now and then.

We are all different.

This headline also speaks to me because in my conversion to Catholicism – my version of Catholicism – I gave up other forms of spirituality that previously I had been exploring. For me, the result was a whole new clarity and elevation that those other paths just could not provide. In fact, toward the end of my old ways, those other paths were becoming a troublesome hindrance.

So I am happily ‘sober’ in two ways—physically and spiritually. And I plan to keep it that way.

From my perspective, if we ever truly encounter The Holy Spirit and not some kind of yee-haw fanaticism or childhood coercion, we will never look back. Not for too long, at any rate.

The new vista is just too magnificent to ignore. And I’m sorry some folks cannot see that… yet.