Gosh, it rings a little hollow when the first thing the celebs say on local Toronto TV is how much they LUUUV Toronto.

“How much extra do we get for saying that?” we hear off-camera.

Just kidding. But it does seem a bit forced.

Paraphrases of stuff I heard on TV – Gary Oldman by far seems the funniest of the lot… joking about taxes and The Laundromat

Meanwhile, the local media is gobbling up the stardust, some reporters more effectively than others. I mean this is Canada. Americans usually describe us as “civilized boredom” (Quora) or “not a real country” (Tom Hanks) and in some ways they are right.

Generally speaking, we are low key people and don’t create the kind of buzz that Americans do. And I don’t think it’s just about the population or population density. There’s a real character difference here.

When growing up I felt great pride in my country. But over the years I believe a kind of virus has crept in and Canada is at risk of losing what makes it great. I’m not talking about the unprecedented immigration of decent, willing-to-work individuals from around the world who add variety and depth to our country, but rather about a hidden occupation that nobody knows or wants to talk about.

I’ve mentioned this unpopular topic enough here at Earthpages. There’s no need for me to bang my head against a brick wall. But I would bet my last devalued dollar that a veritable brick wall is being built right here in Canada.

It’s not quite like the former Berlin wall. It’s not physical. But for me, the effects have been much the same. And I believe they will eventually touch everyone if we don’t stop it now.