Dealing with a psychopath at work | + Opinion

To put it simply, psychopathy is a spectrum of behaviors that can lead people to do things that are good for themselves and bad for others.

Source: Dealing with a psychopath at work

Opinion: Since it’s 9/11 today I thought I would talk about a few demons that need some exposure lest they continue on unnoticed.

We hear the word psychopath quite often and it usually calls to mind someone who is just amoral. They don’t care, they don’t behave ethically, and they gain ephemeral social and material benefits as a result—or in the case of violent offenders, they may gain some kind of evil gratification from their actions.

In reality, however, I think these are pretty rare cases. Even the worst hard-boiled and slippery KGB agent probably has moments of humanity where they think “I don’t like what I’m doing…”

It seems in many instances the so-called psychopath represents more of a Jekyll and Hyde type character. Something grips them and they do bad things. But in the heat of the night, when they are all alone and miserable, they may have moments of contrition.

And I guess that’s where the hope lies with most of these people.

True, I indirectly cajole some folks trying to bring them to their senses. I mean, I am all for forgiveness but only when the offender’s bad behavior stops.

However, it seems some individuals are so deeply entangled in their patterns – or situations – that they can’t stop without intervention. In some cases, I think this might mean arrest and prison.

It’s an old cliché to think of someone ‘finding the Bible’ behind bars.

Particularly ironic if those crooks and scoundrels are already aware of the Bible but not listening to what it says.



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